Wednesday, September 16, 2009

old underpants

i turned 31 today.....

i'm offically old. beauty is now something that comes in a container and needs painting on. mozzies don't bite me anymore for fear of getting lost in the forest i have cultivated on my legs. i am now resigned to having pillow indents on my face until well after lunch. 'muffin top' is not a reference to food. and. i can now fling my breasts over my shoulders to avoid tripping.

today i woke to 4 little faces. they loved on me. kissed. hugged. snuggled me. and. told me i was the best mummy they had ever had.......oh ignorance is bliss.

my husband asked me what i really wanted for my birthday. so. i gave him my list.
1. a complete day of sleeping without interruption
2. to go to the toilet and shower at least once without being watched (by ANYONE)
3. to be able to leave the house.....alone

he laughed. i didn't.

ok. so i didn't get my birthday wish. but. i did spend the day with a childhood friend. we relived our youth......what we could remember of it anyway. we had take away indian for dinner. and. yes. my husband forgot to get a cake - to the horror of my kids. but. he did remember the more important thing....


and. as we sipped. we toasted.......

my old friend reminding me of a time. in the car. on the way to school. when we asked my mum why she had wrinkles (she was probably 31 at the time). and. she explained......

it's just like a pair of underpants. as they get older they loose their elastic.

tonight. i shall try to embrace the middle years. greying hair. and. failing bladder. i shall enjoy my wisdom and experience. and. just for one night. i will not dream of botox and boob jobs.'s to old underpants. and the cracks they fail to cover.


  1. Your list strangely resembles my adolescent years; perhaps you should sneak out the window?

  2. LOL.....i may yet try that!!!!

  3. So, now I understand. I will get that moment of privacy in the bathroom if I request it on my birthday!! So funny, and Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  4. so I'm not the only one who is being peered at by the short people when trying to have a moment .. just a moment of privacy lol